The Corona crisis is forcing many people around the world to rethink their habits and usual consumer behavior and to discuss alternative ways of living and working. Even the fashion world is not spared from this development.

Under the direction of Dutch designer Dries van Noten, a group of influential people from the industry has come together to write an urgent appeal to the fashion world and consumers. The letter is signed by key decision makers in the business and fashion houses, such as Margherita Missoni, Tory Burch, Wes Gordon, Mattias Magnusson (Acne Studios), Gabriela Hearst, Joseph Altazurra and many more.

The reason for the appeal is the grievances in the fashion industry, which have been known for decades and which, as a result of the crisis, has revealed its real danger potential, not just for the working world, but above all for the environment. The main objectives of the appeal are a sustainable deceleration of the fashion-“hamster wheel” and an effective relief of the environment.

For example, the autumn/winter seasons shall be sold from August to January and the spring/summer collections from February to July. This is to ensure that the clothing can be demanded for a full price for a longer period and to prevent the desastrous consequences of aggressive sales campaigns, such as detriorated working conditions, inferiority of goods and increased environmental pollution. The vicious circle of having to produce more, cheaper and faster should now be finally broken by reaching a common consensus in the industry. The harmful effects of the fashion world on the environment should also be reduced by cutting waste and travel.

It is to be hoped that this is not just a temporary uprising, but will instead rather trigger the necessary changes with regard to working conditions and environmental awarenesson on the long run.

Read the letter here


Image: Brunel Johnson on Unsplash